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carrot_rice's Journal
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Saturday, August 16th, 2008
12:55 am
Love is a' many slendid thing



As are musicals. Especially those sung by Ewan McGregor. <3 
I just needed a little sing-a-long and found this great little duo from the movie Down with Love. The retro feel of the movie, along with the costumes and decor just make the movie so enjoyable. 

After watching Star Wars Clone Wars with Yue, how could I resist? He's so dashing.

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
2:12 am
I'm going to make this pencil... disappear!

Got to see The Dark Knight on a late showing today. It only solidified my belief in Batman being a unique and unequaled superhero.

"He does what we can't do. He will take it." 

Gordon and Alfred are wise men, I love them both. 
The thought and incredible skill that crafted this masterpiece bewillered me at every sceen. I couldn't get enough; I laughed in all the wrong parts too... At a certain point, I was the only one laughing, and almost felt guilty based on the content of my amusement. But, nonetheless; a brilliant vision and tale by Nolan. Fanart will undoubtable ensue.

What a mad character The Joker was. He really knows how to push a guy's buttons. Insanity is Genius. I left the theater, a small part of me wishing I was just a tad as deranged as he. (Would that be concidered a little unhealthy?) He had some good points, by the way, on the system we base our whole lives upon for our so called "order". 

He's all devious and full of laughter; up until he gets you with his: "LOOK AT ME!!"
I really wanted to kick something when I got out of there; like crazy kung fu action type... *sigh* Gotta see it agaaaaaaaain.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
10:26 am
Haiku voodoo
Mishi, this haiku generator is quite accurate. It scares me...

Haiku2 for carrot-rice
carrot rice may not
reply because her status
is set on busy
Created by Grahame
Sunday, May 20th, 2007
7:28 pm
Philotheus I choose you! XD

WEEEEH!! This movie and its deamon's have got me all hyped up! I get a -crow-!!! Spiffy~

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
11:17 pm
Carrot-rice may not reply because her status is set on "Busy"
School is not fun children. Stay away. Far, far away.
Too much work and so little time, and I truly feel like I've accomplished nothing. I want to see things done, but I seem as far away from that goal as I was the day I was given the assignement.
*le sigh* Well, let's avoid such depressing topics by my daily distractions/obsessions:

-I finally have my Kuro-popo!!!! >< *pets laptop* How I love you so, my shiny piece of machinery...
-Nightmare. I have gone into a love affair this past weekend. They are the l.o.v.e!!! Yomi is a crazy crack head. XD Japanese boybandlove shall rule all!!

Dance to teh Boogey.
-I shall call him "Sakito", and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Sakito. You and your m4d gu1t4ar sk1llz are love.

In other news: I have found god. Yes, not only does he program and upgrade your laptop, but he can also fix your playstation 2. I love you you techy, friend of a friend of my dad, you. Bless him, he shall be the next Buddah...

I have been dubbed:
You Are "Dizzy and Giddy"

Seems quite fitting, I'd say.

Current Mood: blah
Friday, April 21st, 2006
10:48 am
Solution to boredom
I've always liked quizzes. They are a wonderfull waste of time when you've got notting better to do, or even, a good way to procrastinate when your supposed to be doing your research. *Cough*quilty!*cough*

Anywhoos, this one just revealed how I plan to take over a country. I have to say, I like the idea. It's inspiring. X3

<td> <table border="0" width="450" bgcolor="#000000">

You will take over Switzerland using only the help of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
10:14 pm
Follow the Chocolate Rabbit...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yeah, so I know. I'm a little late. But when do I ever do things on time? First, because I'm still discovering the wonders and frustrations of a computer. And two, well I'm lazy. So there.
Thankies Yue-chan for all your help! ^^ If you hadn't educated me, my computer would have been a junk heap at my feet.

In other news, my dog is a sugar addict.
I eat frogs.
And zee puppy eyes of DoOm!

Current Mood: amused
Friday, April 7th, 2006
12:29 am
I come in peace..
Yayz! Livejournal... At last I have entered your domain....! *insert dramatic music here* You know I really do need a kick in the butt once in a while to get me going... I've known this wonderous place for quite a while, but never mustered up the strength to join. Me and my lazyness... *tsk**tsk*

Onto more important matters! The Random-love-of-the-day is: Ayame and Shigure love! Those two are just the best together, wrecking harvoc wherever they stand, while causing intense mental brain damage to unsuspecting preys... They are my heros. Thank heavens for Hatori, or else who'd know what evil the duo would unleash upon the world? -Promote Yaoi!!!- <3

Current Mood: bouncy
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